Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Civil War - Guns 'n' Roses

Run not War - Message

Lyrics:- 'But still the wars go on as the years go by' - Rose et Al

Song Choice:- I'm still being blown away by my new found love of Guns 'n' Roses if I'm being honest and the track, 'Civil War' is totally new to me. It's as good as they get outside of their 'Bohemian Rhapsody style legend of a track' - 'Sweet Child O' Mine'. It's a shame it's taken me so long to find it and I can only put it down to thinking Axel was a bit of a dick back in the day.

Anyway, back to Civil Wars, not like the English or American ones but the one that inhabits your very own brain right now. Yep that one that's been battling away in the dark recesses of your mind for years. You know the one - it's a Good v Evil, Ying v Yang, Man U v Man C, Wales v England in Cardiff kinda battle - A proper Kypton v Kryptonite of confidence and self-doubting being matched against each other and then played out right inside your head.

Yikes this WAR is personal! It's you wrestling with your emotions. 

Just how many times have you talked yourself out of fighting for something before you've even started? I hear excuses all the time why folk felt that they hadn't given things their total concentration - and yes it's hard, very hard to do this with a very busy schedule. Yet EVERYONE is busy and when was the last time you regrouped your resources and then tried going forwards again?

You'll find this war has a weapon of mass destruction and then wonder why you battled on for so long collecting all that collateral damage. The tip is to make sure you don't surrender, just to make a truce - with yourself... as there are lots of other people prepared to fight you without beating yourself as well.

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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Blue Monday - New Order

Lyric:- 'Tell me how do I feel' - Gilbert, Hook, Morris & Sumner

Song Choice:- The 1983 synth-pop classic is just perfect for today's Vlog and if I'm being honest, I've always enjoyed Peter Hook's bass playing and later Jonny Marr's guitar work in Electronic rather than Bernard Sumner's rather reedy flat vocals. Then again it sold 1.21 million copies so Sumner probably isn't all that bothered about what I think...

Anyway, how was your 'Blue Monday' (See the connection)? - you know, 'Blue Monday', the most depressing day of the year. Three weeks since Chrimbo and another two from payday.

Well mine was ok apart from just about the worst run, I've ever done. I'm not sure quite why. It could well be fatigue from Sunday's tempo run and it's not surprising that after that my legs did feel dead but whatever it was, they just wouldn't move at all today. 

I mean, they just didn't respond.

All I could think when I was running was 'Fuck me, this is slow'. Of course it could all be different today and 'Blue Monday' will no doubt become 'Green Light Tuesday' as life plays out it's ups and downs that way and I've been around the block enough times to realise that and not get disheartened when a lot of folk in a similar situation might.

Not being able to do what you used to though is bloody annoying to say the least, but I'll get it all back eventually or as close as I can.

So in defiance  I'm keeping 'Blue Monday' as a great track to listen to, rather than an excuse to have a shitty day. My lights have just changed to green so it's full steam ahead with a new day.

How are you doing? Blue or Green?

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Monday, 16 January 2017

End of the Beginning - Black Sabbath

Today's Message Here
Lyric:- 'Is this the end of the beginning? Or the beginning of the end?' - Iommi, Osbourne & Ward

Song Choice:- I love the paradoxical conundrum of the lyrics on this later Sabbath offering. It illustrates my thoughts today very nicely indeed as after watching the latest 'Bourne' film franchise offering, it got me thinking about films with lack lustre plots and disappointing endings.

Ok, I should know what to expect watching another 'Bourne' film as they have become very formulaic, just as the '007' ones have and don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it none the less but it wasn't as good as the others. It's like going to a fast food restaurant where you know what you are going to get yet it won't burst your taste buds and satisfy your appetite for too long.

If only we could change film plots and endings - there's a thought...

Russell crowe would never die in my 'Gladiator' for sure and Leonardo would survive the 'Titanic' going on to live happily ever after with Rose. Luckily for us though, we can make changes to my own life-stories as they play out, yet a lot of the time we decide to sit back and settle for less until the credits play out.

Why is that? And why are we happy to do the same things, make the same mistakes and deliver so-so performances - Oscars are few and far between in my book.

So have a think today. Are you living a 'Bourne-Again Existence' off a very tired menu? Or have you simply lost the plot?


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Sunday, 15 January 2017

Sultans of Swing

Video Message from the Sultan of Swing
Lyric:- 'Competition in other places' - Knopfler

Song Choice:- The 1978 classic sprovides a brilliant background to today's blog and even though I'm not the biggest Dire Straits fan, this is a track you can't fail to try and sing-a-long to I've found.

And it's the 'Swing' that I'm interested in today as I'm wondering if you are back into yours following the Christmas break as it's only three weeks since we were tucking into that festive mountain of food. By now, I hope you've managed to shift your over-indulgence.

Getting life back in rhythm takes time but then again getting any behavioural trait to be part of your daily routine actually takes longer I've found and if you are trying to clean up your act, it's more like 6 weeks to get things as a habit, rather than a 3 week wonder.

None the less, consider yourself half way there if you are on a bit of a mission.

My mission continued today with some good tempo miles in the tank and I'll admit, it ain't easy as there's a fine line between training and burn out. It felt like I was running more than walking so I must be getting somewhere.

Having GBS reduces ones battery life extensively and an overnight recharge just isn't enough. Realisation in knowing that will hopefully get me back into my 'Swing' a lot quicker - otherwise I'll be in Dire Straits.

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Saturday, 14 January 2017

Welcome to the Jungle - Guns 'n' Roses

Dirty Rory's Message
Lyrics:- 'Watch it bring you to your knees' - Rose, Slash & McKagan

Song Choice:- From the 'Appetite to Destruction' album it highlights my thoughts today on the ever increasing number of incredibly difficult Ultra-marathons not only taking place today but all year round it now seems.

The ultimate in difficulty is probably 'The Spine' some 268 miles on the Pennines in full arctic conditions. Having been up there in a complete white-out, it's not for the feint-hearted or for some of the folk I've seen in the starting list some of whom, are regular DNFers at other far lesser events.

Is it a running race? Is it heck. It's a survival race where arctic weather training and experience is needed as there's a real threat to life on this one, I believe. Those DNFers put the race organisers safety procedures under pressure and a fatality will occur before more stringent safety measures are implicated, I believe.

The Internet, especially YouTube has only heightened folks 'Appetite for Destruction' and I see it every year at the MdS with people knowingly going with chronic medical conditions taking part , some are going again this year!

For the record, MdS was my 159th Marathon and I was uber-fit that first time. Entry qualifications of £4k and an ECG is a ticking timebomb and will hopefully be redressed with some entry qualifications events, just like the UTMB does.

Until then it's 'Folks with eyes a lot bigger than their bellies time' and don't give me that 'It's better to have tried and failed etc.' because it's not.

'Starter completer' is much better and if you don't know how to train, come and learn how to do it properly and enjoy your leisure time. You might find out you don't kill yourself or anyone else along the way too.

It doesn't have to be a jungle out there.

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Friday, 13 January 2017

Drive - The Cars

My Driving Message
Lyric:- 'Whose gonna pick you up when you fall' - Ocasek

Song Choice:- The Cars are one of my favourite bands of the 70's and 80's, and 'Drive' defines their greatest chart success post Band Aid fame, of course.

When you listen to the lyrics, the song is one of self-realisation. A realisation 'that things aren't so great' perhaps - ironically as it's a polar opposite of yesterday's blog message. Yet maintaining our 'Drive' or even having it in the first place can be difficult to self-administer.

The way I think about 'Drive' is to think about an automatic car - to move forwards you shift from P, through N to D. But then it's down to how hard you accelerate that affects your progress. Remember, no journey is ever driven at a constant speed.

So why do we live life under a constant pressure and why train with in a similar method?

I don't know about you, but I feel pretty weary today at the end of a very busy week. So I'm taking my foot off my gas pedal but will keep myself in 'Drive' until I feel ready to push on with my journey.

It's not a weakness and it shows a real strength of character to have a time-out and recharge ones batteries.

How's your 'Drive', or has it Driven off and left you behind?

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Thursday, 12 January 2017

The Great Gig in the Sky - The Pink Floyd

Talking Greatness - Listen Here
Lyric:- 'Anytime will do' - Wright & Torry

Song Choice:- It's probably one of Floyd's most emotive tracks and about dying of course, and features the amazing vocals of Clare Torry. I made sure she was in the credits above btw as she only got £60 for her couple of hours of vocal input and later sued the band for an undisclosed sum - only right though I suppose and that's Rock and Roll eh?

Anyway, it's the 'Great' part that I'm really interested in for today's v-blog. That and Torry's amazing vocal performance. You see, I've been sending out my 'A Rebel and a Runner' Books today with my hand-written messages of 'Greatness' dedicated to the folk that have bought them.

The thing is, how do we know what being 'Great' actually is?

Ask me how I feel and I'll often say that I feel 'Great' and I'm sure that running makes you feel that way. Captain Adrenalin has a lot to answer for and being dry also helps. Getting ones life in order also does the job.

On a rainy day in Cardiff, can I say that everything 'Great'? Well thinking about it, I've felt a lot worse and take a listen to 'The Great Gig in the Sky' as I bet after you hear it you'll feel more alive than dead. 

Maybe it's getting that feeling of being 'Alive' really makes us feel 'Great' - what do you think? Don't take too deciding as 'anytime WON'T do...

Are you or do you feel 'Great' right now?

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